Sunday, 26 February 2017

Gigs I've Booked for This Year

Hey guys! It's time for another music related post. With the start of a new year, comes the many announcements of cool gigs and festivals. I've booked a few, so thought I would share with you! I'm sure I'll book many more thought the year, but why not get excited about these ones! The thought of going to these is what is getting me through the gloom and doom of assessments and terrible weather. After all, who doesn't love listening to good music? 

1. The Weekend
So me and Ryan (my boyfriend) barely ever go to gigs together, even though we love the same artists - I know crazy! But we have always said that if the Weekend did a UK tour, we would 100% go together. Luckily enough, he announced a UK tour and I booked tickets straight away for Leeds First Direct Arena. I am really interested to see what it will be like because I usually only go to indie/rock gigs and his music is a completely different vibe. He is also being supported my Bryson Tiller, so win-win really.

2. Ed Sheeran
So what is this, 3rd, 4th time? Who can resist an Ed gig? Due to his latest album release, he is doing another UK tour. Obviously, me and Chloe were straight on the bandwagon, swiping tickets on pre-sale. This time I get to see him in a slightly smaller venue (compared to where I've seen him before) in Nottingham. The tickets were bloody expensive though - I actually paid more to see him in Notts then when I saw him at Wembley!

3. Tramlines Festival
So this is my most recent booking and potentially one of the most exciting. I've been to festivals before but I can't say I'm a massive camping fan. When I saw the lineup for this years Tramlines, I thought it would be a perfect little festival and a good excuse to stay in a hotel for a few days in Sheffield! Plus, it was at least half the price for tickets and hotel then what you would pay for any big festivals. Sun, city, alcohol, music? Me, Jade and Megan will be absolutely buzzing for this weekend to come.

4. Community Festival
Lastly, we come to this beauty of a find. I haven't actually booked this one yet but I'm 99% sure I will do soon. This is so so cheap and the lineup is actually sick. My favourite band in the world, Catfish and the Bottlemen are there, so it is an obvious choice. Not sure if I will stay overnight with this one being near London, but I need to go. 

Have you got any exciting gigs lined up? Let me know!

Love Rebecca Ashley x


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