Monday, 6 November 2017

My 4 November Goals

Hey guys! So I'm a little behind posting this but I've been busy celebrating all the exciting things going on this time of year. Last month actually flew by and I can't believe how close to Christmas it is getting. For me, November means I can start celebrating Christmas, decorating the flat and watching Elf. So here are my four goals for the month. 

1. Work hard on assignments 

So as the months pass, the closer deadlines approach. I want to dedicate majority of this month to solid work, so if you are looking for me - you'll see me with 5 cups of coffee in the library. 

2. Decorate the flat ready for Christmas

I love the build up to Christmas and now its socially acceptable to start to celebrate. The uni flat needs to be super Christmasy and there definitely needs to be a night in the cinema room watching Elf and the Grinch. 

3. Start Christmas shopping

I want to get my shopping in early so there is no stress of buying stuff last minute. I love buying presents for people and thinking of things that they will really appreciate. It also means I will have plenty of time to wrap my presents in pretty paper.  

4. Find somewhere new in Leeds

As the months pass, I am reminded that soon I'll be graduated and no longer a student. I want to make the most of being a student in Leeds. I want to find new and exciting places I've never been before. 


3/4 again, not bad? 

Get back into blogging - SUCCESS
Start assignments - SUCCESS
Learn to cook - FAIL
Celebrate the Halloween Month - SUCCESS

Love Rebecca Ashley x


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