Sunday, 17 September 2017

5 Tips for Saving Money At University

Hey guys! So it's that time where many of you will be starting or going back to university. I've summed up 5 tips that could help you save money as a student. Let me know in the comments if you have any more tips to add! 

1. Student Discount 
One of my favourite things about being a student is getting student discount on near enough everything! There are two ways you can claim discount, either by a NUS card or Unidays. I suggest using Unidays as its free to sign up and many retailers offer discount through them. If you aren't already signed up, just click this link to join. 

2. Student Rail Card
A lot of students decide to move away when going to university. If this is you, I would suggest getting a student rail card to help with the costs of getting trains home. You pay a fee for the card and then you get a 1/3 off rail prices. It saves me so much money and I recommend anyone who uses trains a lot to get one. 

3. Quidco
This is a fairly new concept to me, discovered from EmmaRectangle's latest Asos video. This is basically a cash back website where you get a percentage of the money back that you spend on certain websites. For example, if you shop on Asos via Quidco you get 10% cash back to spend on more stuff!

4. Become a Student Ambassador 
This is a great tip for any students who are looking to earn some money at university. I am a Student Ambassador and I get paid for working on open days for new/potential students visiting the university. It is a very flexible job so I would recommend it to anyone studying. 

5. Shop in more than one place 
When doing food shopping, you can save money easily by shopping in more then one place. For example, I usually shop in Home Bargains and then get the rest I need from Morrisons. This saves me a lot of money on simple items. If there is a Aldi near you or something similar I would start shopping there! 

Hope these simple tips help you out!

Love Rebecca Ashley x

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