Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Body Shop Drops of Light Day Cream Review

Hey guys! So, I've been on a hunt for "holy grail" cruelty free skincare. I have actually been really struggling to find good cruelty free skincare since my decision to become cruelty free. I think this is mostly because of my type of skin and what it requires. Anyhow, I've been trialling The Body Shop Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream for around 2 months now (it's nearly empty) so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you all. 

RRP - £22.00 - The Body Shop

More about my skin

So before we get into the review, I need you to understand what my skin is like. If your skin type is completely different to me, you may have a better/worse experience, because your skin has different needs. I have very dry dehydrated skin which is sensitive. I get a fair bit of redness as well. I don't get loads of breakouts, but I do get them every so often (usually around THAT time of the month - ugh.)I look for very hydrating products that are gentle to my skin. 

What does the product promise? (Taken from The Body Shop website)

  • Provides hydration, for softer, smoother skin 
  • Instantly, skin texture feels smoother, softer and re-plumped with moisture 
  • After 4 weeks, skin appears brighter, healthier and skin tone is even and clarified
Why did I buy this product? 

So, on my search for good quality, cruelty free skincare, one of the first brands that popped in my head is The Body Shop. They are cruelty free (although owned by Loreal) and I've always thought of them as having a fairly natural product line with a big fan following. 

I went into The Body Shop, Leeds and told the assistant about my skin. She was lovely and recommended me a few options, then I decided to try this one. 

RRP - £18.00 - The Body Shop

She actually gave me a free sample of the Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel - which I can say now I ABSOLUTELY HATED. It left my skin with clumps of dry skin and little red bumps and my skin has literally not been the same since I used it. So, I really don't recommend trying that one out if you have my skin type!

My thoughts on the product

So, I've been using it for roughly 2 months now, but the only reason why is because I want to use it up so I didn't waste my money. To be honest, this really isn't suited to my skins needs. It isn't hydrating enough in the slightest and I have to use a lot of product to feel remotely hydrated. My skin has actually been pretty bad since I've used this product and the sample, so I'm not sure if the chemicals in the product just really irritate my sensitive skin. It does give a nice glow, but it fades very quickly for me, most likely because my skin has soaked all the product up. It hasn't helped with my dry patches or the red bumps I've had since the sample product. 


For me, this product is a pass and I won't be buying it again. Having said that, I could see this product being quite nice for someone with more of a normal skin type and who doesn't require as much hydration as me. So I wouldn't rule it out if you don't have the exact same skin as me. So, I'll be carrying on the mission to find the perfect cruelty free moisturiser! 

Love Rebecca Ashley x


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