Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What Have I Been Watching?

Hey guys! So thought I would do a random post on what I've been watching since the start of the new year. I like seeing what people watch in their spare time because I'm always looking for new things to watch for my 'lazy days'. I don't know about you, but I've renewed my Netflix subscription to help me cope through these boring, cold months. Bring on summer. 

1. Orange is the New Black

I've already watched all of the seasons - normally in within 24 hours of new episodes being realised. But, my boyfriend, Ryan, decided he wanted to watch it. We've been watching it together and I got addicted all over again. I can't wait until the new season is out in June! If you've been living under a rock and haven't watched it yet, I would defo suggest you do. 

2. Gilmore Girls

This is what I'm currently watching on Netflix, after recommendation from my bro's girlfriend. Since starting it less then a week ago, I'm nearly on season 3 and officially addicted to coffee (if you've watched it, you know what I mean).

3. This Morning

Isn't this everyones guilty pleasure in a morning? Well it defo is for me. It's a must when you are getting ready to have This Morning playing in the background. 

4. Helen Anderson

So, I rave about this YouTuber a lot in my blog posts - but there is an obvious reason why if you watch her to. She is so funny, cool and relatable, not to mention her videos are 'editing goals'.

5. Gabriella Lindley

Again, another well raved YouTuber of mine. I love her vlogs so much because they are so real. She isn't one of them YouTuber's that are always faking happiness and smiles - she is real. 

6. Shrek 2

Very random, but classic. Me and Ryan threw this classic on Netflix the other day and it reminded me of why everyone loves it. 

7. Sims 4 Videos

So, Zalfie started doing another Sims 4 series on YouTube and I quickly got addicted. Since then I've downloaded the game and watched most of Dan and Phil's Sims series. No shame. 

Let me know what you guys have been watching lately and if you have any recommendations! 

Love Rebecca Ashley x


  1. Helen Anderson (Helen Melon) is my FAVE YouTuber EVER she's just amazing! I have a boxset recommendation for you - Bates Motel - it's amazing! You NEED to watch it!!!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |


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