Sunday, 12 February 2017

Primark £1 False Nails Review

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Hey guys! So last time I was in Primark I saw these gorgeous marble print false nails for £1, so I just had to try them. I'm not a big false nail user and I always bite my nails. But, I thought for a quid they were worth ago, mainly to see whether I could cope with false nails (in case I ever want them done professionally again.)

What you get:

  • You get about 20 different nail sizes and some nail glue. 


So I spent around 10 minutes measuring the different sizes to my nails to see what fit. I have tiny finger nails, so a lot of them were no use to me as they were way to big. Once I did that, it took me around 20 minutes to figure out how to open the glue. In the end, I just cut it with scissors - I'd probably suggest buying your own nail glue to be honest. Application was fairly easily, just slap some glue on and stick them down. It got harder after the more nails I applied because I am not used to doing stuff with long nails.


Once applied, I think they looked pretty cute. I liked the shape and the marble design. It's something you probably wouldn't get from the average nail shop. I would say they were a bit long for me, but then my hands are quite small and I'm not used to the length. 


So, the day after the application 2 nails came off. I don't know if this was partly my error though as I wasn't really paying much attention to trying to keep them on secure. I just stuck them back on and carried on. My right hand definitely lasted longer then my left, but that would makes sense since I'm left handed. The 3rd day more nails came off and I decided to take them all off because I couldn't be bothered with sticking them on again! I think if you used a different nail glue and was more careful they would last longer. However, they would be fine for a special occasion/night out but would have to be re-applied if you wanted them to last longer.


For a quid, these aren't bad at all really. I would probably pick another pair up if I had a special occasion coming up where I wanted nice nails. I would recommend buying your own nail glue as the one that came in the pack is pretty crap, but it does the job. They are a beautiful design, so I would use these particular ones again. 

Love Rebecca Ashley x

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