Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Four November Goals

Hey guys! I feel like I say this all the time, but where has the last month gone? Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween and now it's time to get ready for Christmas! Let's start the month with my four goals. I encourage you all to set your own goals to keep us all motivated! 

1. Start Christmas Shopping

I know it's only Christmas and believe me, I get annoyed by the Christmas hype when its really early. But I really want to be organised for Christmas this year so I'm not rushing around last minute to get all my presents (as per). Plus, it really helps living in a city for Christmas shopping, so I may as well make the most of it. 

2. Finish Assignments

If you are a uni student you probably know the pressure to complete assignments before the Christmas break. I really hate leaving things like this last minute, so this month will be pretty much dedicated to work - so I can enjoy December for the Christmas season! 

3. Update my Winter Wardrobe (on a budget)

The colder months mean one thing - an excuse for winter clothes shopping. All my stuff is out of date and I really need to update my winter wardrobe - especially by finding the perfect winter coat. Of course, this all needs to be done on a student budget - so hello Primark! 

4. Write Some Awesome Christmas Related Posts

I'm really not normally much of a Christmas fan, but this year it's going to change. I want to make the most of the season and bring some themed posts to my blog. If you have any ideas for me please comment/DM me! 


My October goals went pretty well and I think setting goals really help to keep me organised. I think this will become a monthly post on my page. 

Get Organised - Fail
Try my hardest in university - Success 
Make the Most of my Time - Sort of a Success
Put more effort into Blogging - Success 

Love Rebecca Ashley x


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