Sunday, 2 October 2016

My Four October Goals

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Hey guys! I can't actually believe how fast September has gone (someone remember to wake Green Day up). A lot of you probably have started back to school or university in the past month and we all know that's  when 'shit starts to get real'. So, in order to motivate myself I've set 4 goals for this month. I encourage you all to do this, you never know it may motivate you!

1. Get organised 
Pretty simple, but very essential. I started back at university a few weeks ago and now I'm in my second year. This means no more pissing around! I'm determined to stay on top of my work by being organised this month. This goal has been made easier by the cute stationary I picked up from Sainsbury's (honestly check it out so affordable and cute.)

2. Try my hardest in University
This sort of goes along with the first goal, but I really do want to push myself. This year really counts and I want to achieve the best I can possibly achieve. At the end of the day, I'm not paying £9,000 a year to sit and watch Netflix. 

3. Make the most of my time
University only lasts 3-4 years, which really isn't a long time. Last year I really feel like I didn't make the most of it. So this year, I am going to make the most of the short time I get to stay in education (before I have to settle down into a job - ew.) YOLO

4. Put more effort into Blogging
Recently, I've really started to enjoy my blog. I want to work really hard this month into making my blog the best it can be. This includes nicer photography, nicer layouts and better/more regular content. At the moment, I'm trying to post every Wednesday and every Sunday! 

So, this was only a short post but I hope it motivates some of you to set your own goals this October. I am so excited for Autumn - everyone loves fluffy jumpers and hot chocolate! 

Love Rebecca Ashley x


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