Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Carving your Perfect Pablo the Pumpkin

Hey guys! Sorry about the late post - had a few Internet issues this last week. But I'm back with a festive post ready for Halloween. Meet Pablo the pumpkin! Me and Ryan was in Morrison's and saw that pumpkins were only 75p so it was only right we would carve one for Halloween. Follow these steps for your very own perfect Pablo. 

Step 1 - Prepare Pablo

First your gonna want to get your pumpkin ready for carving. You want to cut the top off and take the guts out - ew I know (I let Ryan do the majority of this). Then just put the top back on once you've finished! 

Step 2 - Design Pablo

You want to choose the perfect face for Pablo. You could google some designs or just create your own. We took inspiration from a skeleton design we saw online. Once you've got a design, you want to draw it onto the pumpkin. We even coloured in the bits we were cutting out to make it even easier to see the design. 

Step 3 - Start Carving Pablo

Get a knife and cut out the design you've put on Pablo! This takes some time to get right - especially if you pick a tricky design like us (but it will all be worth it.) It's best to use a smaller knife for detail. 

Step 4 - Show off Pablo

Once your finished carving, all you need to do is pop a candle inside and put the lid back on. Turn the lights off and you have your very own Pablo the Pumpkin. 

Love Rebecca Ashley x

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