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10 Things I've Learnt from Moving Away to University

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University is a scary and exciting time for many new students. I am just starting my second year and I already feel like I've learnt so much. After reflecting on last year, I have found a few things that I've learnt from the experience. I am so excited to start my second year and I would recommend anyone to go to university if that's what they want to do. 

1. Homesickness is a real thing
When I first moved to university, it took me a while to get used to it. I never thought that I was the type to get homesick but it did hit me hard to begin with. It feels strange moving to a completely different place for the first time and having to learn to live by yourself. You miss the little things, like your family pet coming into your room for cuddles or your mum looking after you when you are ill. Once you get used to it however, it can be one of the greatest experiences and you may find that you actually love it in the end. If you feel nervous about moving to uni, it's important to understand that is normal to feel a little homesick. If you stick it though, you could experience some of the best memories of your life! 

2. My mum does more then I give her credit for
It can become easy to take for granted the little things your parents can do for you and you don't really notice how much they do for you until they aren't there anymore. Just little things, like moving plates into the sink or doing the washing! It makes you appreciate how much they do for you. 

3. Having Netflix is a student essential
It's surprising how much free time you can have as a student. When you are only in university 3 days a week and haven't managed to grab yourself a part-time job, there is a lot of free time left in the week. Of course, you will get bored without something to entertain yourself. I didn't even have Netflix until I went to uni, but now I probably have watched far too many TV series to be proud of. 

4. Say goodbye to your sleeping pattern
When you are a student and you are going out until 5 in the morning, your sleeping pattern just goes out the window! Some days I will get in at 5am and be in bed till 1pm, then the next day I'll be up at 7am and in bed at 10pm. There is just no patten when you are living the student life. 

5. Freshers Flu is real 
It is not a myth guys. When there is thousands of students moving from different places around the country, you are bound to catch a new illness. I literally was sick so many times through the first year because when one person gets sick, it spreads to everyone. Make sure to pack yourself a good first aid kit full of plenty paracetamol and cough medicine! 

6. It is totally possible to go out on £10
When you are a student, you really can't afford to be splashing the dollar. The key to this is to pre-drink hard so you only need to pay for entry and a taxi there and back! Thank god for Glens Vodka. 

7. You really do get spoon-fed through school
When they say 'independent learning' they really mean it. There is no spoon-feeding at university. At sixth form, you could get your teacher to read 5 drafts before you give them your final essay. That's just not going to happen at university. It is a good thing, because it really gets you to learn how to learn and it prepares you for the working world. I do miss having my teacher spoon-feed me though. 

8. You will learn how to cook and clean
You have to survive on your own for the first time ever. You will learn things that your mum has been doing for you for years. You literally have no choice but to figure out these life lessons. It has got to the point that I think I actually eat better at university because I have to put the effort into cooking. I still haven't mastered the art of ironing and washing though, you can always send a suitcase home with dirty washing! 

9. You will find out who your true friends are
If your moving away for university it will make it harder for you to stay in connect with any friends who aren't going to the same places as you. It requires both people to make the extra effort to stay in contact. I have been very lucky and most of my friends have really made the effort to come see me and stay in contact with me. I know these friends will be friends for life. The distance either makes the friendships stronger or weaker. Sadly, there are always going to be the odd few who do not make the extra effort, but at least you find out who your true friends are!

10. I actually like living on my own
After getting over the initial homesickness and finally learning a few survival essentials, I have learnt that I actually like living independently. It gives you a new sense of freedom because you are fully in control of what you do. There is no-one telling you to wake up at 7am or telling you to clean your room when you are hungover. You can actually start to miss the freedom when you move back home for Christmas and summer. 

I've learnt a lot of things moving to university and I'm sure I will learn lots more in the upcoming years. Good luck to any of you moving to university for the first time this year and I'm sure you will all love it! 

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