Sunday, 1 May 2016

Freedom Pro Strobe Palette (Powder) - DUPE REVIEW

As mentioned in my recent haul, I have been reviewing this product to see if it is a dupe for the Instagram famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. Unfortunately, I have not tried the original yet and that's why I decided to purchase this product for the mere price of £10! My idea  was to see if I would actually use this thing before splashing £39 on a product. So lets get into it...

Top row - Highlight Shades, Bottom Row - Contour Shades
The palette contains 3 matte contour shades, 2 matte highlight shades and 1 shimmery highlight. I will talk through each shade to give a general idea what I've used each one for. 

Highlight Shades

Swatches of Highlight Shades
The first highlight shade is a good highlight colour to put on any high points of the face to brighten. The yellow powder works well for under the eyes as it brightens the whole area up. The shimmery shade is good for the cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupids bow to make the face look super luminous. 

I have to admit the quality of the shadows is fairly average. The yellow powder is a little disappointing as it is not really as pigmented as I expected.  Also, the highlight shade is very shimmery so it is very easy to go overboard and make your face look a bit like a glitter ball. However, when you get the hang of using it right, it does give a lovely highlighted look. Since the palette is named after strobing, I would probably expect slightly higher quality for the highlight powders, but they still do the job and for £10 you really can't complain. 

Contour Shades

Swatches of Contour Shades
The first contour shade on the bottom left is a light cool-toned shade, perfect for contouring fair skin tones. The second shade is a deeper contour shade which works well for medium-dark skin tones. The last shade is slightly warmer than the other too, making it good for warming up the face used as a bronzer.  

I would definitely say the pigmentation for the first shade is a bit disappointing in my opinion. Some people might prefer a less pigmented shade for more control but I just found unless I have no fake-tan on it didn't really show up much on my skin. This could be a good shade for very fair skin as it is not as dark as typical contour shades. The second shade is the one I use most often for when I am wearing fake tan. It does give good colour pay off and gives a very contoured look, however, it is definitely too dark for me without tan. The last shade is sort of an average bronzer, I have other bronzers I would chose over this one but if I am travelling it is handy to have it all in one compact. I would say the contour shades would work more for people with fairer skin tones. 


Packaging and Brush
For £10 I wasn't really expecting the prettiest of packaging. The packaging is very basic but has a professional feel. It is light and compact which makes it very handy for travelling, especially with the addition of the big mirror on the inside. The brush it comes with is actually very handy and good quality. It is good for getting a precise contour. I use this first to lay down the contour, then use a fluffier brush to blend it out. I think its good how they include a decent brush because you are really getting value for money of the two. 

Overall Feelings

Preview of the palette applied to the skin
This palette is good if your looking for something similar to the Anastasia one on a budget. It might actually work better for people with fairer skin-tones, however if your skin-tone is deeper this might not be the best recommendation for you. I still use this palette pretty much every day and it does the job but I think I will still be investing in the Anastasia one soon. 


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