Monday, 3 August 2015

Places to Visit in Prague: Prague Beer Museum

View of Prague
Since my step brother lives in Prague, Czech Republic, I have been there to visit him a few times. He has shown me some of his favourite places to visit and I thought I would share a few places I loved in a series of posts. I love this city so much, it is so beautiful and underrated. 

The first place I am going to talk about, Prague Beer Museum is a place everyone needs to check out! I have been here on both visits and it is so much fun. 

30 Beers on Tap
As some of you may already know, Prague is renowned for it's beer (which is honestly 10x better then anything I've tried elsewhere.) This pub offers 30 of their most famous beers ranging in flavours (some of my favourite include ones with chocolate and honey!)

It is a small pub located near the Old Town Square, ideal for if you have been exploring that area in the day. It is fun to go down with some of your friends and family and have a good time tasting some of the local brewed beers. Also, since Prague is a hot destination for Stag do's this place would be an ideal place to start off a Stag as there is so much on offer. 

Beer Tasting
They offer Beer Tasting, where you get a small sample of beers which you can select from the 30 on offer. This is what I like to do when I am here as you can taste a few different and weird flavours and not worry if you don't like the whole drink as it is only a small sample. 

So if you are looking for somewhere to visit whilst you are in Prague, I would recommend checking this place out! For more information about the pub, visit


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