Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Favourite Uses for Coconut Oil (Discount Code Included)

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Hey guys! Today I want to share with you my favourite ways to use coconut oil. I've always loved using natural products, but I've especially been loving coconut oil lately. There are literally so many ways you can use it, but these are my three favourites. 

I was lucky enough to be sent some sample products and a discount code from Kokoa UK (Use COOPER at the checkout for 30% off your purchase). I love theirs because it's 100% cruelty free, vegan and organic. I've been on the search for cruelty free skincare recently and they are a great new brand worth giving a try. The main reason I love this company is because they pledge 7% of their profits (annual net) to 2 charities: WWF and MamaHope. So when you are purchasing, you are actually doing the world a justice! Anyway, lets carry on with my favourite ways to use it. 

1. Shaving 

This is a recent discovery for me, but it has made the world of difference. You can use it instead of using a traditional shaving foam - or if you are like me and are lazy, just shower gel. It acts as a barrier between you and your razor, as well as conditioning the area at the same time - which will just make it easier to shave after every time you use it. I would really recommend trying this out if you are not getting the results you are expecting from your current routine. 

2. Moisturising 

I suppose this is quite an obvious one, but it really is effective at moisturising your skin. There's actually a lot of research into it being good for acne? Idk, but there are numerous skin benefits from using it. It leaves your skin beautifully soft. I always moisturise the areas I've shaved after a shower, just to ensure the area is well hydrated and to deter any rashes etc. 

3. Leave-In Hair Conditioner 

So, we've all had them bad hair days - you know when you've been out the night before and you find your hair a knotty ass mess? If your hair can get super knotty you know the pain of brushing it out. I like to take a bit after I've washed my hair and use it as a leave - in conditioner. This makes it super easy to brush out any nasty knots and leaves it nice and shinny. 

Remember, use my discount code COOPER for 30% off if you fancy trying any of these uses ago and let me know your favourite ways of using it!

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