Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Everyday Glow: Current Makeup (Cruelty Free)

Hey guys! So today I want to share my current favourite makeup look. Everyday I've pretty much been obsessed with this glowy, warm makeup look. Sometimes I'll swap round the products I am using, but I love the way this makeup looks. So am I going to share with you how I achieve this makeup! 

  • Use a moisturising/glowy primer to make sure you have the best base to work with. I have used Too Faced Hangover Primer.
  • Use your favourite foundation. I wanted to go with something full coverage today to give myself a blank canvas, so I used Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. However, if you want to create even more glow, use something more dewy or with less coverage. 
  • Use a brightening concealer. I've used Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in a lighter shade to highlight my under-eyes. 
  • *Optional* I cream contoured and used a liquid highlight to get a naturally sculptured look. For cream contour I used the NYX Wonder Stick and for highlight I used the Iconic London Highlighting Drops. 
  • Lightly powder to set any of the liquids on the skin. 
  • Bronze! Use a bronzer to add more depth to the face - I used the Makeup Revolution Ultimate Bronzer. 
  • Highlight! The main event - the way to gain glow is by using a good highlighter. I used Becca Champagne Pop. 

Eyes & Brows
  • Fill your brows in using your normal products. I used the Freedom Brow Pomade in Medium Brown. 
  • For the eyes I used a mixture of the Juvia's Place Magic Palette and the Morphe 35O. These palletes have perfect shades, but just use any that you have to hand. 
  • Start off with a warm brown shade. Use it as a transition by using a fluffy brush and blending it into the crease of the eye. 
  • Repeat the same motion but with a nice orange shade, and a deep reddy-brown shade. 
  • Get a dark brown shade and use a smaller/more precise brush to add darkness to the outer corner of the eye. Blend any excess product through the crease and on the bottom lash line. 
  • Use a shimmery bright golden shade on the eye lid. 
  • Use a shimmery white shade on the inner corner and brow bone to highlight. 
  • Use a black kohl liner to define the eyes and add some mascara. 
  • Finally, use your favourite lip shade. Because this is an every day look I went for nude. 
  • I used Urban Decay in Stark Naked (my favourite nude). 
  • For added glow, add a bit of gloss to the centre of the lips. I used a Soap & Glory gloss.  
Love Rebecca Ashley x

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