Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Uncommon Goods Gift Guide (ad)

Hey guys and Happy Halloween! I hope you all have exciting plans to celebrate halloween tonight. Today, I want to discuss a different time of year, Christmas. For me, the time after Halloween means the countdown till Christmas begins, so why not start preparing for the winter season now? 

Today I've created a little Christmas gift guide with the website Uncommon Goods. I am really excited to be sharing this company with you guys because they have some amazing company ethics, which I really appreciate from a business. Their mission highlights that they are "working to change the way business is done by making sustainability a part of every decision [they] make." This includes them making a positive impact within the workplace and within the world as a whole. Their products consist of handmade, recycled and organic products - which really makes this an amazing business to support. Since Christmas is all about giving, it makes me feel good that I am buying from somewhere that has equally important values. 

On Uncommon Goods, there are a few collections of gift guides that are perfect to help you find the perfect present. I am going to talk through 3 of their current collections and my personal picks, in preparation for the Christmas period. 

First I am going to share some picks from the ultimate Christmas gift guide where you will find something wonderful to give to all of your friends and family. There is such a diverse range to meet everyones personal interests. These are a few of my favourites:

My first pick is the book called My Life Story So Far. I love this product because it is so personal. I love anything where it records personal experiences  and thoughts, because I love the idea of looking back onto these memories in the future. This would be such a thoughtful present. 

My second pick is the Ticket Stub Diary. This really caught my attention because I always save my tickets from any events or gigs I go to. This would be the perfect present for your gig buddy so that you can share and record your memories together. 

My final pick within the Christmas collection is this Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set. I know my mum would love to receive something like this as it is really personal and thoughtful. It is wonderful to have something to store all these important memories with your loved ones. 

Next I want to show you my Stocking Stuffer picksStocking filler presents are literally one of my favourite types of presents to buy. I think these types of presents can be so fun to buy, especially if you have a cute stocking to fill. This list has some of the best stocking fillers to choose from, so here are some of the best:

This Pizza Rescue Kit would be the perfect stocking filler for someone like me who loves pizza. Its a funny present which will make the person laugh, as well as being something really handy to keep. I am sure this will go down a treat with any students!

A great present for any gym lovers would be the Motivational Water Bottle. If you or your loved ones are anything like me, I can sometimes forget to drink enough water in the day. This would be a great little present for someone like me or just someone who would think this is cute. 

The Awkward Moments Card Game would be the perfect present for anyone in my friendship group. This could be a super fun card game to bring to drinks and I am sure it would generate so many laughs. 

Last but not least, I love to give personalised gifts to the people I love around Christmas. I feel like it means so much more when you personalise a gift for someone and it is always appreciated. Here are some of my favourite picks:

This Dog Blue Print would be a great present for my parents because we love our Dog, Jep. Jep would deserve her own personalised present to be hung on the wall for everyone to admire. Any dog lovers would love this cute present. 

My final item from my little gift guide is this gorgeous Custom Morse Code Necklace. This is a lovely, subtle and very unique. If you are buying for a girlfriend this could be a lovely addition as its something that the person can wear to remind themselves of you. 

So there are a few of my favourite picks for the Christmas season from Uncommon Goods. Let me know if you like any of these picks and if you have any picks to share! 

Love Rebecca Ashley x


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