Friday, 6 January 2017

My 4 January Goals

Hey guys! So I know that most people traditionally do 'New Year Resolutions', however, I'm pretty sure I will be incapable of keeping goals for a WHOLE YEAR. So instead, I am going to carry on with my monthly goals, as these actually seem to be helping me reach my own personal targets. 

1. Join the gym

Well this is actually a kinda funny goal because my uni apartment is meant to have a free gym on site, but it's still not finished being built! So instead I'm going to give up waiting and join a local gym. In fairness this might be better anyway because the one in my apartment will only be tiny - even though it will be free. I really want to get fit and get in shape this year, so when it comes to summer I feel less self-conscious about what I am wearing. Especially because me and Ryan really want to go to Greece this year - this means short-shorts and crop tops..

2. Book my tickets to Harry Potter Studios

So one of my Christmas presents is going to visit Harry Potter studios, thanks to my Dad. I mean if you know me it's quite obvious I am obsessed with Harry Potter - and Fantastic Beasts (spoiler, I am actually wearing FB PJ's right now.) My goal is to get my tickets and hotel booked with Ryan so I have something to look forward to in the crappy months ahead. 

3. Decide what I am doing next year

Next year I have two choices, to finish my degree or to do a work placement. I mean, my intentions were to do a placement but I'm not 100% sure. I want to decide what I am doing and apply so that I am totally prepared for next year. 

4. Cut out sugar in fizzy drinks

This means replacing my full fat Coca Cola for Pepsi Max. It might not seem much, but the amount of calories in sugary drinks is actually quite crazy - especially if you are like me and basically down a 2LTR bottle at a time. 


Decembers goals went pretty well as a whole, but they were fairly easy. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

Finish my Christmas shopping ASAP - Success
Wrap my presents like a pro - Fail
Set time to see my friends and family - Success
Enjoy this month as much as possible - Success 

Love Rebecca Ashley x



  1. Love this - such a great idea to set monthly goals! x

    1. Yeah, I would recommend it! Much easier to stick to rather than yearly ones x


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